My work is informed by commonplace routines of domestic life, notions of interconnection, and impermanence and loss. Through painting, performance, and object making, I place two aspects of the same thing in the same space, drawing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, images, and forms. There is no separation between art and life.

I use materials that are fragile to work with my own vulnerability: porcelain, paper, glass. I work in series and embrace deviation, imperfection. I work with discarded and overlooked items to equate the value of all things. I work with domestic actions like cleaning to bring to light what we as a community take little notice of, and to highlight the ethos of human condition. 

How can a performance of sweeping the streets be communicated as an aspect of meditation? How can a meditative act of beading or embroidery also be considered a performance, or a drawing? How can a painting speak of anger and stillness at the same time? What is the stain of memory? What happens when nothing happens?